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GM Authority reported last week that J.D. Power awarded the Chevy Malibu the highest initial vehicle quality in its segment. The award was based on survey responses from over 84,000 purchasers of brand-new 2022 models. 

The survey took place between February and May of 2022 and contained 223 detailed questions about the vehicles’ overall features rating, controls and displays, driving assistance, interior, infotainment, and climate adjustment. Once these responses were officially recorded, each individual brand and vehicle was given a score based on the number of problems that popped up per lot of 100 vehicles. The lower this PP100 score, the higher its substantial quality rating. 

The Malibu beat out the Nissan Altima and Kia K5 for in the Midsize Car category, and the Chevy brand overall achieved amazing results with the Corvette securing [...]

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