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Pedestrian Avoidance Safety Technology Planned for 2016 Malibu

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Latest active safety feature uses only camera and software to help keep overall costs down on new Chevy

Technological features once found on only luxury vehicles are making their way to more and more brands, and the latest addition the 2016 Chevy Malibu strengthens the brand’s active safety features.

JBC 2016 Malibu Pedestrian Avoidance safetyThe 2016 Malibu’s Pedestrian Avoidance System helps works to detect any pedestrians that may run out in front of the Malibu. The new software, when detecting a potential collision, can alert “the driver and, if necessary, automatically applies the brakes to help reduce the collision’s severity or avoid the collision” according to General Motors.

What sets the Pedestrian Avoidance technology apart from other active safety features on the redesigned Malibu is how it works. Instead of using sensors or radars, it utilizes only a camera and the software. The camera mounted next to the rearview camera to help with Lane Keep Assist is used for Pedestrian Avoidance. This, in turn, will help to keep the overall costs down as it uses current technology already available with an updated code.

“The camera technology allows us to put it on more vehicles,” John Capp, GM’s director of global vehicle safety, said to AutoNews. “We can offer technologies that … you had to step up to a radar package that maybe not all customers would want.”

Goals for the technology are the format it to detect speedy cyclists as well. Other available crash avoidance technology for 2016 Chevrolet models include Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Forward Collision Alert. General Motors has been setting up special tracks at their testing facility to improve the active safety features for 2016 Chevys.

2016 Malibu three q shot Jim Butler ChevroletThese new safety features are just the tip of the iceberg for the redesigned 2016 Malibu. The latest installment of the iconic Chevy sedan is scheduled to hit dealerships like Jim Butler Chevrolet in Fenton, MO, within the last three months of this year. Stay tuned to our blog network for updates on the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.

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